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Is a Scam?

The website from what I’ve seen brings users to adult dating websites like that I would personally avoid. The domain name is a pretty good domain name but for me that is the only good thing to say about it. If you ask me what I think about adult dating I would tell you they all stink if you want to meet and have relations with beautiful women go to legitimate sources like A Foreign Affair.

Is A Foreign Affair expensive yea but at least you know the women you meet there are real the trips you’ll take are real and the women you meet there are beautiful. Most of the women on sites are not legit and any real review would tell you these adult sites suck. If you like to watch naked women go to Live Jasmine or adult web chat site if want to go on a real vacation and meet the most beautiful women go to A Foreign Affair watch the videos read the testimonials and see for yourself what smart men are doing.

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