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Well based on my reviews doesn’t appear to be a scam, instead, it looks like a bunch of promotional web pages that lead to Based on my reviews and trust me when I say that I’ve tried their services, is very much legit. Now, the webcam site I like most isn’t myfreecams personally I prefer Live Jasmine but as many of you know similar to dating websites the same people you see on Live Jasmine might also be myfreecams and vice versa.


The difference, of course, being that Live Jasmine has more members and typically has better deals when you’re a premium member. Obviously to when you look at and compare the two platforms Live Jasmine is the clear winner. That said free live webcam is still a great service so I don’t see anything wrong with what is doing, pretty much what they are is they’re a promotional web page that’s wanting you to join whatever site they’re promoting. In my instance they were trying to get me to join may be for you it’s something different.

I’ve seen it happen before that promotional web pages will lead to different websites depending on the person’s location, so if is leading to something else for you other than than I would say contact their support staff to learn more. One of the best features about Live Jasmine is that not online do they have email support, but they also have live chat support and phone support, so typically any problems you might have with them can be answered extremely fast.

Well, that’s all I won’t call a scam, won’t exactly call them legit either it’s more like a bunch of promotional pages that at least for me appear to be promoting Unless you’re looking for a premium adult sex dating website like AdultFriendFinder that not only caters to live webcam but to sex daters and other people in the adult entertainment world I’d say the sites I mention on this blog post are pretty good choices, none are blatant scams and worth considering.


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