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In our forums we get a lot of the back and forth especially those of us that 1100% dedicated to this industry. I know this stuff may come across as weird to some of you, but it’s life to use, it’s why we write this stuff 24/7 365. This is our culture and we’re not changing, why can’t we have fun, why do we have to confirm and get pushed around by all you lames out there that think you know what’s best or what’s coll for everyone. That aside why are we picking on thumbzilla all of sudden. haven’t you been paying attention? thumbzilla and you this is true based on most of the legit reviews,not the scam ones has been steadily rising up the ranks.

It may have peaked like some of suggested but did it and they did it the old fashion way of word of mouth. There aren’t too many sites that grow via word of mouth,most get that push, yes, it’s true thumbzilla is working with Porn Hub of course they are, practically everybody is working with Porn Hub. Currently they have the best premium tube service, there is no close second.

If thumbzilla is growing organically why wouldn’t Porn Hub or any company in the adult space not want to work with them. Based on my reviews, I’m not exactly sure has reached it’s peak yet. We saw this in the live web cam space with Live Jasmine. Company after company began popping up and sure at first everybody was jumping ship, then what happened? everybody started to catch on how Live Jasmine carved out a niche for themselves that no other company could recreate. We told you the other companies would have to resort to scammy promotional tactics to get people to join and we did tell that it would backfire.

Here’s the thing with right now, I can go to thumbzilla and find high quality entertaining stuff for free, it’s not scammy or spammy and they’re working with Porn Hub which if you’re a member of Porn Hub premium you have an idea of where they’re going with this. People on free porn don’t really know what they’re missing out on. Free porn still is after all free, so you’re going to be late to the party, in every aspect of the adult business. Some of you don’t care, because we give you tidbits here and there but you’re missing out big league.

People keep asking or wondering how can we predict this stuff it’s because we’re premium Porn Hub members lol. We’ve been saying it for years, showing you pictures that others get to see like 3 years later. It should be a no brainer by now. However as we predicted caught on to something legitimate, they caught an organic, orgasmic storm that some reviewers claim is reaching it’s peak. It’s no big deal another site thumbzilla like site will be created if that happens. I just don’t think 2017 will be the last of thumbzilla I trust that Porn Hub knows what it’s doing. don’t count them out just yet, I do think they’re one of the best and we’ll leave it at that for now. If I have to update this post I will, but I’m right so many times that I know I won’t have too.

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