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When you see 3d graphic artists promoting great art in adult entertainment, it’s always a good idea to give them your support. If you’re into the 3d or animated porn and you’re not supporting the talent, well you’re helping to flood the market with crappy 3d porn. Affect 3d Store based on my reviews is legit and not a scam, their website and what they sell and how they sell it is very transparent and easy to understand. They mak the entire process of consuming their digital products extremely easy.

Unlike other networks, Affect3dStore does not force you into a subscription, their pay as you go model has always been the preferred model for consumers. There’s nothing wrong with subscriptions, but a lot of customers don’t want to be under any reoccurring payment arrangement which involves them having to cancel. Now, the pay as you go, model, has its pros and it’s cons, the pro being you pay as you go, the con being that you typically will get less from pay as you than you would from a monthly subscription.

3d Girlfriends as an example is a 3d porn game that I’m a member of, I support the 3d Girlfriends network fully because of what they’ve done, with 3d Girlfriends you don’t have to download anything and they offer a lot of 3d gaming porn features that you won’t find anywhere else. I go annually, but there’s a commitment involved, I commit to the 3d Girlfriends subscription becaue they’ve constantly given us what we want which is similar to what is doing.

The Affect3dStore is built on catering to their users, that’s why if you look at the quality of their videos it’s a lot better than most premium 3d and anime porn networks. If you look at the vast majority of Affect3dStore videos you’ll notice the realism, you might even see features and faces that remind you of someone you know personally. That’s the artistry involved in 3d porn and this is the reason why people like me support the industry.

I’ve consumed more premium porn than most people know exists, this is what I do, if you look at the number of posts, you’d see this is what I’ve been doing for years, some of the networks I reviewed aren’t even around anymore. is a survivor because they have high-quality 3d porn videos, based on my review they’re one of the best and are worthy of your consideration.

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