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Was asked today regarding and when I checked it out, I noticed the writing was in spanish, fortunately at the time I was able to translate it and the moment I did that what happened was I was sent to So based on my reviews is legit and is not a scam, so no culioneros is not a hoax or a fraud it’s legitimate. It’s not to say I think it’s the best latina porn site in the world, it’s also not to say I’m an advocate or even recommending culioneros to anyone. What I’m writing here is that it’s legitimate.

Is culioneros a scam?

Is culioneros a scam?

However one thing I noticed is that the talent seems a lot better on culioneros than it does on but that stuff is subjective so make the best decision for you. As many of you know my personal preference revolves around the Mofos Network because I mean let’s be honest here, has Mofos Network not been one of if not the best pornsite online with the sexiest talent for years now?

Based on  my reviews Mofos Network is at the very least a top tier porn site and you can tell when compare what they have on their roster compared to everyone else. I’ve been a huge supporter of what Mofos Network has been doing for years and the results are undeniable. It’s not to say that others aren’t good it’s just well check them out for yourself to know what I’m talking about.

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