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Is a SCAM?

Today I received a spam email from if you’re reading this chances are you recieved a spam email from them too! Actually the spam email I revieved was pretty weird it was on but at the top or he header of the page it said Whatever the case is in my opinion this makes both of them scams. I found a review claiming that was legit I say if a company sends you a spam email to get you to sign up then my reviews will always label it a scam. When it comes to tranny cams I’ve always said the same thing My Tranny Cams is the best one to join.

They won’t spam you they have excellent customer service and they don’t have any trick trial fees that you have to call to cancel. Which brings me to my second point. If you go to or they both have the same order form for me both of them have all these trial offers which if you don’t deselect them you might be liable for unsuspecting charges.

At the top it states the following on the order form

100% FREE LIFETIME ACCESS is only available for a limited time!
Free Lifetime Memberships Are $0.00 – NO CHARGE
A valid credit card is required for age verification.

First off you don’t need a credit card for age verification. Then to the right side it states the following:

Any charges made to your credit card will appear under ‘PICKPKG.COM’.

Please upgrade me to a VIP Membership +

(**) includes a free 2 day trial promo to UltraCheaters-GOLD renewing to $49.95/monthly, unless cancelled. Your free lifetime access to UltraCheaters remains active even if you cancel your UltraCheaters-GOLD membership.

+ VIP Membership Includes The Following Offers:
– Upgrades: Mobile Access + Featured Profile + Unlimited Access To – 2 Day Trial @ $1.96, renews to $39.61/monthly, unless cancelled.
– – 3 Weeks Free Trial, membership renews at $28.87/monthly, unless cancelled.

That’s a lot of money to spend on some spammers again like I said above if you’re looking for something like that give My Tranny Cams a try they’re way better. Yes I think both and are scams I don’t think they’re legit and I wouldn’t join if I was you especially if they spammed you the way they did me.

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