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Well apparently the fall of backpage hit a number of different countries from around the world, I would have never thought that Canada would have been affected, I didn’t give it much thought to be honest. Anyway the question I received revolved around the domain name being the persons said why is it not .ca instead. To them I replied “I don’t freaking know” but I’ll try to investigate. What I’ve heard is escorting isn’t illegal in Canada, but as many people know that wasn’t the reason Backpage was shut down, the main reason Backpage was shut down was because of underage people and other criminal elements that I don’t want to get into here.

Anyway is a classified script works like many of the classified scripts already in existence and it’s basic in it’s application, I’m not in a position to answer the question if the members are real or fake, but I texted some of the numbers and I recieved answers back, legitimate answers so, so far so good. Now you all know what I’ve been saying for years, there’s a reason why I write about premium services I don’t write about AdultFriendFinder for no reason, there’s history behind why AdultFriendFinder has been so successful.

I’ll stay off that topic for now, but the truth of the matter regarding is that it’s a classified site, and like most classified sites there’s a section that revolves around the sex trade that interests people and you may want to check it out. Honestly I don’t know what’s bugging you Canadians because I was able to surf through most of the site without even having to log in or provide an email address.

Personally to avoid legal harrassment I prefer joining clubs, where there’s a community like AdultFriendFinder but I get that many of you want the free stuff and hell I don’t blame you, it’s just well I’m old and I don’t have the time or the energy to look over my back anymore, not to mention the whole thing of meeting strange people for the first time and not knowing if you’re going to get robbed, arrested or something like that.

But again I think there are things that are legal in Canada that are illegal in the U.S. I don’t know I’m done with this topic, if you were sent here by one of my peeps or something seems pretty legit to me, nothing about it says scam, however that doesn’t mean that you won’t find fraudsters using the service so don’t be completely naive.