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If you don’t have a problem with sports betting than you shouldn’t have a problem with Sure I would say their reviews biased and sure I don’t even consider a legitimate review site but hey the sites they’re promting seem to be legit to me. seems to be the site is promoting the most I don’t find their reviews legitimate because the reviews were not based on actual consumer reviews it’s just a made up system by the owner of the website.

I don’t think is a scam, I won’t call it legit either based on my review all I can say at this time is be careful and read the terms and conditons prior to signing up for bet365 or any of the other sites is promoting. I will update this blog post later as I delve deeper into the sites is promoting which currently is bet356,,, and Thanks for reading this blog post I will update this blog post once I do my full review!

In short doesn’t appear to be a scam as of August 2014. Any questions or concerns you have regarding any of recommended sites should be addressed to the actual sports gaming sites staff

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