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Well, is often the case when it comes to online gambling casinos, the question everybody wants to know is, do they pay. Based on my reviews My Jackpot found at is legit and not a scam.

Yes, based on reviews they do pay their winners, however, if you win a jackpot as many of you know you will have to provide them with information, below is a portion of their terms and conditions

If a prize win occurs, the User is being notified by Whow Games. The User is obligated to provide Whow with a working address, to which a prize can be sent. Should the prize have an age restriction, is User obligated to provide a copy of his or her ID card or passport to Whow Games, so the age can be verified.

For the record, is a smaller casino, so don’t expect too much from them, but they’re legit, just not one I prefer. I may update this post in the future to give the final conclusion of my most recommended casinos but I like to review them all first before I leave my recommendations.

All the recommendations I make are based on my personal experiences with the company. Currently, I haven’t found what I consider to be the best casino.

As I pointed out however at the very least you can know does pay based on my reviews, but they’re not currently listed as one of the top recommendations, they’re still quite small as of the date of this posting.