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There are a lot of premium porn sites are blatant scams and then there are the legitimate pornsites. Typically the scam premium pornsites trick people into joining by using trial offers and hiding extra or bonus offers in their terms and conditions. So for example a person would sign up for a trial of apron site and then hidden in the terms there would be a clause that puts person signing up on 2 – 4 other trial offers so in 3 days a person could be charged hundreds of dollars. doesn’t seem to be doing anything like that which tells me based on my review that they’re indeed legit and not a scam. Personal reviews on their videos is something you’d have to view on your own. Based on what I’ve seen the quality doesn’t seem that bad you’d have to judge the site based on your own preference(s).

juicy boys currently has a 1 day trial I’m not a big fan of online trials because if you read most peoples complaints they usually stem from trials what I always say is if you’re interested go month to month for one month and if you like it stay if you don’t then cancel. $25 per month is a pretty good price if you ask me however as everyone knows my preference when it comes to premium porn is Mofos Network in my personal opinion by far they’re the best.

If you’re looking for a legit sex dating website you may want to consider trying  AdultFriendFinder. I’ve tested it I had a lot of skepticism going in but I did my reviews several months ago with positive results and I’m still a member as of the date of this blog publication.

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