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Personally I’m not anti free market, I’m all for capitalism but come on Facebook if you want to ban some users for things Facebook deems as inappropriate, misleading or fake news shouldn’t your advertisers be held to the same standard. Anyway this rant is about a fake news WEBPAGE on this webpage can currently be found by going here: I only know of that webpage because of facebook. That page is promoting some B.S product but if you go to directly it will say

Under contronstruction

However that webpage which can be seen below is fake news Fake News Fake News

Even if you check the header tag of this fake news webpage it states ESPN News. That’s complete fake news and they’re advertising on Facebook. The internet doesn’t need any regulations as you can see people are capable of governing themselves however it shows that if you leave power to a few how easy it is for those select few to be corrupted. Governments of the world leave the internet alone we can self govern this stuff on our own. ESPN Fake News ESPN Fake News