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Because I recently wrote about another website that looks exactly like, I’m not going to waste to much time on, it appears that this type of online sites is very common, so if you’re curious to know, yes, I’m leaning towards GaysGoDating being a hoax, or a fraud.

Well, I should begin by saying that is part of the Timespace Services Limited (detimiL secivreS ecapsemiT) which doesn’t exactly have the best track record for a network that was only created supposedly in 2019. So if you’re asking me what I think of, based on my reviews I don’t think Gays Go Dating is legit and I do lean on them being a scam. At the very least I will tell you if you’re reading this to consider reading their terms of use.

What’s been well documented regarding the Timespace Services Limited is that they appear to be hiding something, so if you’re going to join understand that they have some tactics regarding their membership that you might want to familiarize yourself with. As an example are the members real or fake, that’s often the question asked with sites owned by Together Networks, part of the reason I wrote “detimiL secivreS ecapsemiT” is because Timespace Services Limited goes out of its way to keep people in the dark about them, it’s hard to print their terms and their privacy and it’s hard to know if their members are legit, so just be warned if you’re going to join GaysGoDating if you suspect members are fake, you might not be wrong in your assumptions.

Now, as often document with me I like to provide examples of sites with nothing to hide, Camera Boys as an example has nothing to hide, when you go to the Camera Boys website, you’ll notice that the person in the image is the person you’ll chat with on live webcam, no funny business, no nonsense. I use Camera Boys as an illustration of a webcam site with nothing to hide.

In regards to adult dating Out Personals is part of the same network that I’ve written in-depth about based on my own personal reviews. The Out Personals is part of a network that’s been online since 1996, whereas Gays Go Dating has only been operational since 2019. Just some information I want people to be aware of prior to joining GaysGoDating.

Lastly, before I forget looks a lot like, so consider comparing the two prior to signing up, because I consider both of them to be scams.


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