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Is a Scam?

In response to the forum posts I just wanted to add that and the other site we were writing about don’t appear to be scams, based on my reviews they’re more like promotional pages and the sites they’re recommending although not the best aren’t scams either.

The one thing that bothers me about 2 of their sites that I reviewed is that their sites are secure. If a site isn’t secure I don’t recommend joining. I join unsecure pages but those pages don’t get my personal information . so that’s the only area of concern I have regarding or the sites they’re recommending. All that aside none of what is recommending is better than 3d Girlfriends.

As I’ve been saying and when it comes to 3d porn 3d Girlfriends clearly offers the best service at the moment. I’ve tested all others and although at first the graphics seem pretty good 3d Girlfriends still offers a much better service.

If you didn’t notice 3d Girlfriends was designed from the same people that brought all of us 3d Girlz. Now we all know that 3d Girlz is kind of old but it was definitely up there as the best. The only complaints we had about 3d Girlz was that we were forced to download it. Well problem solved with 3d Girlfriends and not only is this problem solved but they made had some nice additions to their service which you have to be a member to find out. We’re still looking to see if someone will dethrone them but for now they’re the best based on our reviews.

Click Here for the 3D Girlfriends website