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FreeToonPornTubeHD Legit or Scam – FreeToonPornTubeHD Reviews

Here’s the thing I’ve been saying for years now. What is it you ask? Make sure you read the fine print before signing up. FreeToonPornTubeHD is one of those sites where you’ll want to read the fine print. Personally based on my reviews I wouldn’t join FreeToonPornTubeHD if I were you. Is it a scam? Well FreeToonPornTubeHD is a network, a lot of different porn sites link to FreeToonPornTubeHD order pages. I’ve reported on a bunch of different ones. With that said FreeToonPornTubeHD is not really legit in my view, however I won’t call them a scam either. What I always say is read the fine print.

As many of you have learned I tend to recommend only a select few sites that I think are the best based on my reviews. One of those sites when it comes to toon porn is Adult Empire primarily for the large database at such a good price. You see the problem with sites like FreeToonPornTubeHD is their trial offers. Their trial offers based on my reviews all seem to trick a large number of people. As an example if you wind up on one of the FreeToonPornTubeHD order pages like the one found on if you ignore the fine print you might miss all the other things you may sign up for accidently. Below is an example of the, FreeToonPornTubeHD Terms and Conditions.

(**) Your Free Lifetime access to FreeToonPornTubeHD includes a free 2 day trial promo to Premier Passport+++ that renews same calendar day at a fixed $39.95/month after the trial ends unless cancelled. TO AVOID BEING CHARGED, SIMPLY CANCEL YOUR Premier Passport MEMBERSHIP BEFORE THE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS. Your lifetime access to FreeToonPornTubeHD remains active even if you cancel your Premier Passport membership.

Any charges made to your card will appear under ‘WIZBILLTIP.COM’.

Special FREE Bonus Offer:

+ Your Platinum Membership Details++:
– – 7 Days Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $39.94/monthly, after the trial period ends unless cancelled
– – 10 Days Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $49.95/monthly, after the trial period ends unless cancelled

Thee above is usually what all the complaining is about when it comes to FreeToonPornTubeHD. Other than that, there probably wouldn’t be as many complaints, however there probably wouldn’t be that many joins either. As I’ve said based on my reviews, I wasn’t that impressed with FreeToonPornTubeHD. If you want to join them go right ahead, however based on my reviews I wouldn’t recommend it.

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