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If you go to the directly, typically you’ll be redirected to, however the webpage I’m referring to can be seen below and it’s one of the webpages that asks a series of questions your answers to these questions don’t matter because in the end you’ll be forwarded to which for the most part is legit and not a scam scam scam

I’m not a big fan of LEAGUE OF ANGELS III, VIKINGS – WAR OF CLANS or ELVENAR, I find those games to be pretty boring, I also find that the games are a waste in general. I know most people end up on these sites for the violence and the sexual component mixed together but based on my reviews 3d Girlfriends is way more fun and entertaining, it’s one of the reasons that I’ve been trumpeting their service for almost 3 years now.

They did so well in fact that they’ve since launched new projects like 3d Girlz 2 it’s not until you play 3d Girlfriends and compare it to everything else that you’ll realize what I’m writing about. The truth of the matter is that they took things to a whole new level because they now have the perfect encrypted 3d online sex game and they also have the best downloadable 3d sex game, this by far is superior to anything else legitimate on the market.

Sure some game are ok when watching their previews but then when you play those other games, the in-game action is horrible, when you join 3d Girlfriends what you see is what you get. If you’d prefer the download you’ll want to take a look at 3d Girlz 2 most of the feedback I get is that people prefer the online version which is why I write about it more often, however don’t sleep on the download, they had part 1 and had to release part 2 which is what they do whenever copy cats try to duplicate their success.

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