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Is legit or is it a scam – Review

Is the world of porn in it’s decline? Or has the amateur circuit simply taken over and the internet is dealing with the adjustments. is a premium pon site that focuses on amateur ebony porn. The only thing I personally find odd about ClipBuster at the moment is that they use Paypal to collect payments. I’ve been in the adult industry for over 10 years and using paypal to collect payments online or offline is usually a no, no. Because paypal has this way of holding funds and the worst possible times and being that is in the industry they’re in I’d advise them to stick with the traditional payment methods majority of the porn sites use.
I noticed they’re also associated with epoch I trust payment partner in adult entertainment, personally Id stick with them, yes I’m aware of their high fees, but the adult industry is what it is and just like those fees you pay when you use the ATM inside a strip club same rules apply online. The uncle sam is all over the adult industry and if uncle sam could find a way tax escorts or prostitutes guaranteed uncle sam would do it.

On the ClipBuster order page everything as of 2016 is clearly stated there’s an trial option read their terms to understand it. All in all based on my reviews, seem to be legit in my book. Any billing problems you might have webamateurclips or ClipBuster should be sent to their people as I have no associations with them. I wouldn’t say that ClipBuster has the highest quality because after all it’s amateur porn, but it is what is, it’s adult entertainment. As you all know I’m a fan of the Mofos Network. I know it’s all subjective but like I say the premise to watching porn is to visualise the hottest women you can in rich environments which always results better manifestations. The Mofos Network has HD quality, all the top new talent in the industry, the ambience, the women, the rich environments, the scenes. When you’re in the industry you get it, a lot of the fans that believe in the laws of attraction get it if you don’t get it, it actually reinforces the beliefs of those of us who do. Any again is legit just not my preferred choice.

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