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Is legit or a scam?

With the emergence of some adult dating we’re starting to see other companies mix up adult web chat and adult dating in different ways. is an adult community where members can use their web cam to interact with up to 3 members at the same time which I guess is kind of cool. Where I take issue is I don’t really like adult dating yes there are some adult dating websites that are legit but even the legit ones allow spammers in. This is why I prefer live web cam chats over adult dating more people and more women use live chat than they use adult dating anyway I just don’t see the point in adult dating.

What I think about

I consider a waste of time I’ve met more women going private at adult web cam sites than I’ve met using any adult dating site. Most of the women that use web cam sites are looking for cool guys and if you’re good web cam is way better than adult dating will ever be. is not worth my time I think most of the guys that sign up will feel like they are being scammed.

Last words on

It’s your money do what you want, I think adult dating sucks web cam is better the community is better and it’s more intimate plus you get to develop relationships with beautiful people who can get to know the real person you are. If entices give it a try but I think it’s a load a crap. Best web cam community hands down is Live Jasmine. How do you know it’s the best well you can use Live Jasmine for free the only time yo have to pay is if you go private. Live Jasmine doesn’t even ask you for an email address until you decide to sign up for more features. Most if not all of the other sites want your email address immediately so they can spam your inbox. Live Jasmine is the best anyway saying other wise typically never gave it a real run.

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